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Yacky Tacky

Status: Airing weekly on the CW Las Vegas CH. 33 (CH. 6 on Cox Cable)

Genre: Game Show

Log Line:

How well do we know the English language? Watch as two contestants go head-to-head and battle it out in a hilarious game of language, spelling, logic, and wordplay. Find out who really has their “word game” up on Yacky Tacky the “Wacky Word Game”.


Yacky Tacky, the Wacky Word Game,  is an American word-based game show. It features a host and two contestants who battle through three rounds of word and language-based challenges to win a prize.

The game is played virtually or in-studio and during each episode he three challenges are:

  • “Spell-It”, which requires the contestants to spell the commonly most mis-spelled words in the English Language.
  • “Rhyme Time” – Using their logic, contestants are given a two word clue and must come up with the two word answer that rhymes.
  • “Wordplay” – With a goal of testing the contestants ability to decipher words, they are shown SAT-level words and must pick the meaning from three multiple choice answers.

The contestant with the most points will be named the “Yacky Tacky” champion and will have the ability to participate a bonus round to increase their score and win bigger prizes (based on the episode).

WGA Reg. #: 2069810

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