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Status: In-Development

Genre: Drama / Sci-Fi

Log Line:

Lost In a world of wealth and power she doesn’t know, with strangers she has never met, one woman fights to reclaim her identity, and understand who she is through a sea of hidden lies, deadly secrets, and deception.


Remembering follows the story of Jennifer Pratt*, who awakens one morning in an unfamiliar bed on a large estate outside of Los Angeles in Calabasas. The maids and butlers refer to her by name (one she does not recognize) as if they have known her forever, and show their willing desire to cater to her every need. Confused and dazed she walks through a modern hallway lined with black and white photographs of herself clinging to two children she does not know.

As she moves through home, a tall man with slightly dark features and striking greenish-blue eyes rushes to embrace her, as if he had done it a thousand times. She smells his high-end cologne filled with scents of exotic wood and tobacco and he reaches in for a gentle kiss on the cheek. “Good morning my love”, he expresses with a playful smile “I hope your head is feeling better today”. Not knowing whether she is in danger she plays along, as she tries to make sense of the moment. As he leaves rushing to work, she is left alone in a large foyer, confused, scared, and lost.

During this series, Jennifer will uncover the hidden secrets of her past and the wealthy Pratt family’s ties into a world of dark ties, science, rituals, and secrets. She will discover her true identity and remember her past?  As she moves through the wealthy world of the 1%, is it everything she has dreamed of or is this world a nightmare?

(*Denotes character name may be changed in final Production)

WGA Reg. #: 2069720