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In The Mix Now

Status: New Episodes Returning this Fall to the CW Las Vegas

Genre: Entertainment News / Media

Log Line:

“In The Mix Now”, an exciting weekly newscast, where the millennial hosts give the dish on the latest lifestyle, entertainment, and pop culture in the country from their perspective.


“In The Mix” is a new entertainment-based television show that is set to air weekly. As a niche’ media show, “In The Mix Now” brings entertainment news and trends from the heart of the “Entertainment Capital of the World” and delivers it with a format similar to E NEWS. The show’s original content is targeted towards a millennial audience and combines seasoned journalists and fresh new talent.

In The Mix Now covers relevant topics from the streets of Las Vegas and beyond, highlighting the latest trends in urban culture, entertainment, and society to deliver a new viewpoint in news from an urban millennial perspective.

Each show contains a mix of six (6) or less segments, that includes:

  • News Headlines – The most recent news stories in entertainment, business, and urban lifestyle
  • Local Love – Highlighting a local business and displaying their offerings to the world and/or advertising upcoming events and festivals.
  • The Playback – Highlights from the world of Boxing (Only appears on certain episodes)
  • Game of the Week – A review of new products and games from video game manufacturers
  • Indie Mix – Spotlighting an independent creator that is on the come up
  • What They Do? – An up-close interview with various celebrities, public figures, politicians, and more where they discuss some of the things people may not be aware of. This could be a community activity, involvement in a charity, or behind-the-scenes of their lifestyle
  • 5 Questions – 5 Questions is a bonus segment that appears on some episodes, where a host asks a random stranger 5 trivia questions to win a prize.

To date, “In The Mix Now” has aired online and on the CW Network in the Las Vegas market.


WGA Reg. #: 2069705

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